L’uovo di Pasqua

If you follow me on my facebook page (if you don’t but would like to do so click here to get there) you might have seen that yesterday I posted a little Italian poem by Gianni Rodari. If you’ve missed it here it is:

Dall’uovo di Pasqua è uscito un pulcino
di gesso arancione col becco turchino
Ha detto: “Vado, mi metto in viaggio
e porto da tutti un grande messaggio”.
E volteggiando di qua e di là
attraversando paesi e città
ha scritto sui muri, nel cielo e per terra:
“Viva la pace, abbasso la guerra”.

Now I promised to come up with a translation for those of you that don’t speak Italian. I did my very best so here you have an English as well as a German translation for this beautiful poem:


Out of the egg of Easter came a chick
with orange plumage and a turquoise beak
It said: “I am going to travel
and bring everyone an important message”.
It flew hither and thither
across countries and cities
wrote on the walls, in the sky and on the ground:
“Long live peace, down with the war”.


Aus dem Osterei kam ein Küken
mit orangenem Federkleid und blauem Schnabel
Es hat gesagt: “Ich mache mich auf die Reise
und bringe jedem eine wichtige Botschaft”.
Es flog hier und dort
über Länder und Städte
schrieb auf die Mauern, in den Himmel und auf den Boden:
“Es lebe der Frieden, nieder mit dem Krieg”.

I am aware that these aren’t the best translations and I welcome every hint for a better translation if maybe your Italian is better than mine. I still hope the message comes across and again I hope you had a very pleasant Easter!


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