Articles published on RTL Today

Since March 2020, I have been working as a free-lance translator and contributor for Luxembourg-based news site “RTL Today”. Here you can find all of my Opinion Pieces and cultural articles that have been published on RTL Today so far! Simply click on any heading or thumbnail to access the respective content.

Do’s and Don’ts: Learning a new language

Tom Weber: Screaming at screens – The stupidity of social media arguments

Knowledge Bites: The ‘forgotten’ tradition of Luxembourgish folk dance

Do’s and Don’ts: Hiring a freelance artist

Knowledge Bites: Anise Koltz – The ‘Grand Dame’ of Luxembourgish literature

Tom Weber: Masks, self-care, critical thinking: What we can learn from the pandemic

Knowledge Bites: Spierkel, Karschnatz, Reismount: The old Luxembourgish calendar

Tom Weber: A radically human act: Mourning mass death in times of pandemic

Knowledge Bites: Meet Frantz Seimetz, Luxembourg’s first professional artist

Tom Weber: The mental health crisis is more than just a side effect of the pandemic

Tom Weber: The Christmas conundrum or how to avoid getting bogged down in jolly consumerism

Tom Weber: Catching up with Culture: A letter from a friend

Knowledge Bites: Renert: Luxembourg’s most famous fable and its modern relevance

Tom Weber: Swipe right to save the world: Will technology save us all?

Knowledge Bites: A tiny country and its world-class wines: Past and present of Luxembourg’s winemaking industry

Knowledge Bites: The blind violinist from the Moselle – Life and songs of “blannen Theis”

Tom Weber: Democratising the arts and empowering artists