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Tom Weber

Tom Weber was born in 1996 in Luxembourg. He is a state-certified translator based in Luxembourg. Since March 2020, he works as a translator and regular contributor for the English news website RTL Today in Luxembourg. He also writes and publishes books, mostly poetry collections. He speaks Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Italian and Spanish while also having a basic understanding of Serbian.

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A little bit of history

Tom Weber started his blog just thoughts in 2014, going by the pseudonym Vito Volpe. At the beginning he published in German and English,  mostly commenting on literary and political topics. Over time, just thoughts became the main publishing platform for his poetry and short stories. Around that time he also started to work alongside his then classmate Sophie Modert, who started publishing her own works on the blog, as well as another anonymous writer.

In 2018 just thoughts went on hiatus for over a year. The blog was relaunched in a new style and format in 2020.