My 2014: A personal look back

2014 comes slowly but surely to an end and this will be my last post for this year. During the past weeks and still at the moment you get a lot of “the year in review” shows and articles and so for my last article I won’t give you the things that happened in the world in 2014, since you already probably saw this on television, but instead some events which happened to me personally during this year.

I traveled for the first time on a plane

In May 2014 I traveled for the first time in my life in a plane. It was during a school excursion to Ireland which was by the way also the first time I went there. I actually enjoyed it a lot and have already planned some more flights for 2015.

I took my writing hobby to a new level

Obviously when you’re reading this you know that. During the past school year I participated in a project which got 2 articles I wrote published in a Luxembourgish book. I also ended up among the first in a contest for young poets in Luxembourg. This really increased my desire to write more frequently and also publish some of the things I write. In July 2014 I published my first book “Dichterische Freiheit” (which was up to the moment I am writing this post downloaded 165 times) and started this blog you’re reading right now “just thoughts”. In December I published my second book “5 neue Weihnachtssagen und Erzählungen” (downloaded 116 times until now) and got informed that my poem “Freuden des Lenz” will be a part of this year’s edition of the “Frankfurter Bibliothek”. All in all I am quite proud of myself for the small things I was able to accomplish this year and I am really looking forward to what might come next. At the moment I am working on some more poems which I want to submit to two more national contests.

I first failed than finally succeeded in getting my driving licence

Even though I failed my first exam in October I passed my second exam in December and am now officially allowed to drive a car. After my 18th birthday in September I have to admit that it feels pretty good to drive my own car and I’m feeling like I am slowly but surely becoming a true adult. At least I believe I am which is already something, no?

I started to get more involved with my hometown and the people living there

Partly due to myself entering the conservative party of Luxembourg the CSV a little more than a year ago but also because I became part of some local groups I got more involved with my hometown Grevenmacher and its people. I really love my town and really enjoy everything that has to do with it. Joining these groups gave me an amazing feeling of being a part of the town which I love so much.

So there you have it: Some of the moments I will remember from this year! Overall 2014 was a pretty amazing year for me and I’m looking eagerly forward to 2015 and the following years. To all of you I wish a happy new year and again thank you so much for reading my posts and even my poems and stories! I always believed that the best author is nothing without his readers, in fact an author mostly doesn’t write for himself but for them. So have a nice New Year’s Eve and if you want I’ll see you with a new post in 2015!


Thanks a lot for reading this week’s post! I really appreciate every single reader and if you’re interested you can read some of my other articles as well. If you want you can share my posts with others I’d really appreciate it. You can also find me on Facebook as well as Twitter (@VitoVolpe9). I hope you have a great week and I see you next Sunday for an all new post in German or in two weeks for a new post in English!

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