Project for Awesome 2014: Let’s do something good!

Christmas is about love but unlike the rest of the year, not the love you feel towards yourself but the love towards others. Therefore Christmas time is also charity time. Today I just wanted to briefly introduce you to the Project for Awesome (short: P4A). The Project for Awesome was first hosted in 2007 by the vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green (I talked about their two YouTube channels vlogbrothers and CrashCourse before on my blog) and has since been held every year since. During the P4A thousands of people post videos on YouTube, introducing and advertising charities they think deserve donations. Everyone can watch these videos and then go vote on the P4A website for which charity they think convinced them most. Last year the community raised over $850,000 benefitting twenty charities. Like the name suggests it is an awesome and most of all modern way to help a lot of people. This years P4A has actually just started and will go on over the entire rest of the week. If you want to ,and I highly encourage you to do so, participate you can do it in two parts: You can go to right now and click on “donate” to contribute right now to a first campaign which raises money for two charities namely Save the Children and Partners in Health, two charities with whom the community has worked closely with during the past years. In a second phase, from December 13th to December 16th donations will go to community chosen organizations, based on votes on the Project For Awesome website.

If you haven’t yet decided which charity you want to help this year, or even if you have, I really encourage you to participate and help decrease World Suck! At this point I also want to tell you, since I know there are always skeptical people, that I too have indeed participated and donated and will also participate during the second phase. It is a really good cause and the people working on the P4A are doing an amazing job. Even if you can’t afford to donate much, it still helps a lot. Actually a lot of the people who donate during the P4A are students or other young people and they too can’t afford to donate much but it still matters. Together we can make a difference!

P4A website:

Campaign for Save the Children & Partners in Health:

vlogbrothers channel on YouTube:

And just to remind you: Starting Friday December 12th you should start to search on YouTube for “Project for Awesome 2014” or “P4A 2014” to find the videos and decide for which charity you will vote.


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