The public stoning of Matt Taylor: We are better than this

It is true that there is a lot of bad stuff going on right now in the world. Whenever you watch the news you hear about wars, conflicts, economical problems and general hate around the world. So naturally I was very happy to hear good news for a change: The European Space Agency (ESA) managed to land a spacecraft named Rosetta on a comet! I don’t know if everyone realized how amazing this was but if you didn’t let me just tell you: This is amazing! Of course I was excited about this and wanted to inform me a bit about it, so I watched some reports on the television about it (thinking back, this was already a stupid idea). During one of those a female journalist interviewed young scientist Dr. Matt Taylor and instead of talking about his amazing accomplishment for humanity, he was accused of wearing a shirt that apparently was offensive against women. Few people actually know that he got this shirt from a female friend. Besides it is debatable if his shirt really was offensive: On it were pictures of women drawn in a cartoonish style who were, admittedly, scantily clad. You can of course argue about whether this shirt was appropriate to wear at work, but in my opinion if you helped to land a spacecraft on a comet which is hurtling through space at 135.000 km/h you can allow yourself some liberties.

“When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.”. I usually don’t quote Confucius but this time it just fits right in. These kind of stories make me feel ashamed of mankind. Not only were this man’s achievements completely ignored because of mere nothing but he was forced to publicly apologize for the shirt he chose to wear. The hatred towards him was so massive that he even had tears in his eyes while doing it. Congratulations dear “feminists” for breaking this incredible human being who has done so much for all of us! What angers me even more is the hypocrisy of such acts: Can you imagine the shitstorm if the achievements of a female scientist would be ignored because of a piece of clothing she wore? Maybe you know these ads against rape were women hold signs saying “I didn’t ask for it”. I completely agree with this statement but please when you say you want equality then you have to admit: Matt Taylor didn’t ask for it either!

But see here comes another problem: There are feminists and there are “feminists”. True feminists want equality but in the true meaning of the word. They stand for good cause and I have absolutely nothing against them because they would never do something like what has happened to Matt Taylor. But in the past few years another movement has formed who call themselves “feminists” but are in reality just spoiled women from the western world who don’t want equality at all but privileges and special treatment. They do exactly what real feminists would never do: Oppress and objectify the opposite gender. It is important that we make this difference and not just fall into a general hatred against all feminists because a small group of idiots decided to go by the same name. It is a very bad habit of humans to judge a whole group of people by the actions of a few. Just because ISIS call themselves Muslims doesn’t mean that every Muslim on Earth is a terrorist. Just because some idiots in America hate on gays and refuse to accept evolution doesn’t mean that every Christian on Earth is a narrow-minded bigot who lives in the past. Instead of hating the wrong people we should unite against the real bullies. Because when we learn one single thing from our time in school then it is that it doesn’t help to do nothing against bullies. If you simply give them what they want it is only a temporary solution but after some time they will come back. It is the same in real life: Let’s not accept what has happened to Dr. Matt Taylor and let’s not accept anything like this in the future. You cannot stay neutral in every conflict sometimes you have to choose a side, so let us all together choose the side of tolerance and love against intolerance and hate!


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