My favorite YouTube Channels (Part 2)

A while ago I wrote about my favorite YouTube Channels but since there are so many of them I decided to do a Part 2 of that post. Just like last time you can check out the different channels by clicking on their name if you’re interested. This time I’ll also give you the themes of the different channels.

vlogbrothers (vlogging channel)

At the top of my list this time is another channel of the amazing Green Brothers, John and Hank. Last time I mentioned their educational channel CrashCourse so now I present you their main channel. The vlogbrothers channel started off as the Green’s “Brotherhood 2.0.” project in which they decided to cease all text-based communication for one year and instead converse by video blogs every weekday. After the project ended they continued to upload the vlogs due to them now having a growing fan base. Their fans are known as “Nerdfighters” and the fan base as a whole as “Nerdfighteria”. Since then their popularity continued to increase and as of today the vlogbrothers channel has 2.337.424 subscribers. The Green brothers once stated that their vlog has no consistent format: “Really, it’s not about anything in particular. Whether we’re talking about our lives, making each other laugh, or trying to get something more important across, people seem to enjoy it.” Very recently John posted a series of videos about his journey with Bill Gates to Ethiopia and the Nerdfighter community managed to raise over 200.000 dollars for access to clean water. Like I mentioned in the last post these two brothers are simply awesome and therefore I highly encourage you to become a Nerdfighter yourself!

TheFineBros (entertainment)

This channel is mainly famous for the “react” series featuring kids, teens, elders and famous YouTubers react to different things like viral videos, technology or more serious subjects like drunk driving. This series has earned them several awards and is really worth checking out. Other formats on their channel include their “Spoilers” videos in which they spoil at the end of each month the most discussed things of that month and the first transmedia sitcom on YouTube MyMusic.

jacksfilms (comedy)

jacksfilms is a comedy channel created by Jack Douglass and most know for the regular series PMS, JackAsk and Your grammar sucks. PMS  stands for Parodie, Music Video and Sketch and is released every Monday. JackAsk is a fake Question& Answer show in which Jack answers questions from his fans in a funny way. Your grammar sucks is by far the channel’s most known series as it was even featured on Huffington Post. In this series Jack makes fun of the often horrible spelling and grammar errors on the internet by reading them out loud and often acting them out in a sketch format. This year he plans to release the 100th episode as a full length film. Recently he also started a new series on Saturdays which consists of Let’s play parodies. Jack’s humor is of a special kind and doesn’t appeal to everyone but if you do like this form of humor you’re going to love this channel.

Extremely Decent (comedy)

There is one adjective to describe this channel perfectly: underrated. This group creates awesome and hilarious videos but they are practically unknown having only 130.000 subscribers. They spend a lot of time creating one single video but the quality of each video speaks for itself. I can only encourage you to check them out they really deserve more subscribers!

This completes Part 2 of my favorite YouTube channels I am sorry that this week’s post is so short but I was quite busy this week but I still wanted to post something. I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you found some new interesting YouTube channels to enjoy in the future.


Thanks a lot for reading this week’s post! I really appreciate every single reader and if you’re interested you can read some of my other articles as well. If you want you can share my posts with others I’d really appreciate it. You can also find me on Facebook as well as Twitter (@VitoVolpe9). I hope you have a great week and I see you next Sunday for an all new post in German or in two weeks for a new post in English!

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