“Screw them!”

I love it


how high a government can think of itself

how proud a group who thinks of themselves as “the people” can be

how fierce and frightening an army can seem to be

how important religious preachers can scream themselves to be

how pompous an autoritarian regime can parade itself to be

how convinced the burned of yesterday can stick their fingers into the same fire again

how smart and manipulative dictators seem to think they are


but how at the same time

they all tremble with fear
at the joke of the jester

“When you try to take on a jokster, the joke is always on you”

– Bassem Youssef

This mere observation was written down after watching the documentary “Tickling Giants”. You can watch it on Netflix, which I highly recommend you should do, or at least watch the trailer below to get introduced to the incredible (and unfinished!) story of Dr. Bassem Youssef and his fight for democracy and free speech in Egypt:

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