The Colours of Benin

Ich hatte dieses Gedicht bereits vor einigen Monaten hier veröffentlicht, doch möchte ich es heute noch einmal posten als Hommage an Benin, da ich, wäre mein Freiwilligendienst regulär zu Ende gegangen, heute in den Flieger nach Hause gestiegen wäre.


A dusty road painted in red,

Framed by tradesmen and shops

Containing simple and pure joy of life,

Just as kindness and familiarity.

Laughing is thrown into the air

And you feel embraced

By human warmth and generosity,

Lingering around all the way.

They are wrapped into friendly words,

A smile or curious looks,

Gifts given to strangers

As well as to family and friends,

Which surpass the value

Of the material goods

That are ready to be sold.

The colourful clothes

Taking part in the scenery

Translate the essence of this world

To the stranger`s admiring eye,

Who is no longer blinded

By the grey veil

Created by the western world.


Sophie Aduial

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