My favorite YouTube channels

Today I want to talk about something a little bit more casual namely YouTube Channels. I love YouTube as a platform and as a community. I think there are a lot of great channels out there some more known as others and today I want to present you some of my favorite channels! Click on any of the names to get to the respective channel. I personally watch practically only English YouTube channels but I also got 2 french ones in there, if you know other good channels no matter in which language they are feel free to leave them here in the comments! But first here are some of my absolute favorite YouTube channels:

The Game Theorists
I watch more than one gaming channel but this one really stands out for me. The channel is hosted by a certain Matthew Patrick or as he likes to call himself „MatPat”. He takes a different look at some of the most famous games and proposes different theories about them which he tries to prove during an episode. I will give you the example of my favorite episode in which he suggests that Mario (yes the Mario of the Super Mario series) is actually a communist! What sounds absurde at the beginning becomes shockingly very plausible during the episode thanks to the amazing research and presentation by MatPat. This guy really has some brains but also a big heart and you can hear in every word that he is very passionate about what he does. If you are interested in videogames I highly recommend you this channel. You are going to love it there.

CrashCourse is one of the channels that I am very glad I found because it actually was of advantage for me. CrashCourse offers just what the name suggests a variety of different crash courses on different subjects like literature, world history or psychology. The courses are presented by the Green brothers John and Hank. Yes THE John Green author of amazing books such as Looking for Alaska or The fault in our stars. If you don’t know him yet I tell you here you are missing out on gold. He is an awesome guy and a brilliant author and for me the perfect teacher for literature. The best part is that his brother Hank is just as awesome and so the different courses are not only educational but also highly emtertaining. CrashCourse offers all this for free thanks to a service called Subbable. Subbable is a voluntary subscription service which means if you want you can support CrashCourse with a monthly amount of money of your choosing but you’re not forced to. The great thing is as a paid subscriber your monthly donations are stored in a sort of “banc account” and you can trade them in at any point for a variety of awesome perks. They solely live on these voluntary donations and I highly encourage you to 1. check out there YouTube channel and 2. consider supporting them because if one thing is important it is education and they are doing it the right way!

This French guy is just hilarious. He is for me and I am not kidding here one of the funniest if not THE funniest YouTuber. The majority of his videos simply consist of him recording himself in his room talking about a subject. Between his lines he acts out some of the things he says. To understand you really have to watch him yourself but I will just say that he is the most subscribed French YouTube Channel which has it’s reasons.

Let’s keep it French. Norman is a lot like Cyprien (or is Cyprien like Norman?) but still he has his own style. He also does one man shows so he’s already kind of professional. What I said about Cyprien also applies to him if you can speak French you should definetly check him out!

PGN Piano
If you ever wanted to learn how to play certain songs on the piano but never learned how to even read a music sheet this is the right channel for you. I can tell you out of experience that it works since I too never went to music school but it took me only 5 days to learn how to play the song “Mad World” by Gary Jules. Try it!

Vadim Kiselev
This piano playing russian is practically unknown (currently he has about 10.000 subscribers) but he is soooo good. His songs are very beautiful and full of emotions. They inspired me more than once to write some of my poems. He deserves a lot more attention so if you want you should definetly check him out!

This sums it up for today’s post I could name a lot more channels but for now I’m running out of time. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 of this post in the future…

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