My articles on RTL Today! (Update)

Hello everyone and first of all apologies for having left the blog a bit deserted over the past months. Let me assure you that the reason for that is a rather enjoyable one.

I have been very fortunate in that I have found work as a translator/journalist at RTL Today in Luxembourg! What’s great about that is that I now also have the biggest English online platform in Luxembourg at my disposal to publish some really interesting stuff.

Down below you can find the link to my first Opinion Piece, all about how the cultural scene in the Grand-Duchy is going through a democratisation at the moment, and why that’s a great thing. Expect most of the articles on Today to have more of a focus on Luxembourg.

You will be able to find regular posts from me on RTL Today from now on, but don’t worry, some stuff I’ll still exclusively post on here, once I get more of a regular schedule going again…!

Thanks for your support and lots of love and health to all of you

– T.W.

Opinion Piece on RTL Today:

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