Modern world

Today I would like to share an english poem with you.

Modern world

The pursuit of liberty



of a long avenue,

skirted by

boutiques and

technology stores,

                                                       leading directly

into the prison

of consumption.

                                 Its walls are made of

materialism                        and the constant

                            longing for more,

wallpapered by neon

          lights and posters,

          destroying the view

of the world

outside the bars                                                                    and painting

a colourful image of the cell.

The guards` colourful clothes

                                                                                                    make us realize

                   our own nakedness,

which we try                                             to cover

                                   by imitating them,

but our consumption

                                                                        remains empty,

because they have stolen

the suitable materials,



our immaterial possession.




Copyright Sophie Aduial 2017

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