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Made of ink,

Born from an ocean,


Are falling


To the ground,

Covered in sheets

Of white paper.


Each sheet

Catches a different drop,



That are yet


Too fragile

To drown you,


Too solid

To be forgotten,


Waves that are

Not strong enough

To reach the shore.


So the sheets

Keep dancing like leaves

In the wind,

Waiting for the rain

To come.


Copyright Sophie Aduial 2017

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English is cool, right ? #03

Do you know him ? She is quite a peculiar individual.

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English is cool, right ? #2


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Over Aleppo skies


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Gedichtekollaboration #3

Mein zweites Gedicht welches ich im Rahmen der Gedichtekollaboration zwischen Sophie und mir geschrieben habe, ist dem Engländer William Blake gewidmet, der Autor des wahrhaft meisterlichen Gedichtbands „Songs of Innocence and of Experience”.

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Heute möchte ich mit euch einen Ausflug in die englischsprachige Lyrik unternehmen, die ebenfalls ein enormes Potenzial an Entfaltungsmöglichkeiten bietet. Ich wünsche euch viel Vergnügen mit diesem Gedicht.




Your mind is the greatest artist,

constantly painting a world for you.

Although using the same pencil

and the same colours as any artist,

it has created its own technique.


The trees` colours are lingering around.

You can feel them in the bright air,

being wrapped around your fingers.

Your mouth fills

with the sweet taste of singing birds,

while the smell of the sunset

is captured in your hair.


A piece of art

not only visible to your eyes,

but felt with your heart,

making the outlines vanish

like a breath into the air.



Sophie Aduial



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